Frequently Asked Questions

Background and learning approach
What is Miacademy?
How is Miacademy different from other learning sites?
Does Miacademy offer a full curriculum?
Do all learning challenges come with instructional videos?
Can my child use Miacademy independently? Should I sit with him/her?
How does Miacademy motivate children to learn?
How do I change the learning level setting for my child?
Do you recommend a particular computer, tablet, or smartphone?
Do you have apps?
Is there a one-tap way to log in on iPad?
Who created Miacademy?
Where can I learn more about how to use the site?
What is the difference between Miacademy and the learning sites Always Icecream and Clever Dragons?
What is the parents’ role on Miacademy?
Do you offer boys-only or girls-only sites?
I have a son on Clever Dragons and/or a daughter on Always Icecream. Can I use the same parent account that I'm using on Miacademy?
Can my child with special needs benefit from Miacademy?
Site Content
What is the educational philosophy behind Miacademy?
Is my child safe on Miacademy?
How about topics that are controversial among parents?
What is the Miacademy Weekly?
My child was friended by a member named “Mia”. Who is this?
What is included in a Miacademy membership?
How much does it cost?
I have two children. Do I need two accounts for them?
How can I cancel my subscription?
Can I get my money back if I don't like it?
I would like to purchase a membership for someone else, not my own kids. How can I do this?
I homeschool through a charter. Can you accept my purchase order?
I'm a teacher. Can I use Miacademy in my classroom?